Learning Objectives

Here I will try to display my learning objectives for my specialization, and update them as I progress.


  • Machine Learning / AI
    • Setting up Anaconda (“The operating system for AI”) environments, installing packages, export and import environments
    • Structure projects with concepts like cookiecutter
    • Working with datasets responsibly – Data is immutal
  • React (Single Page Application)
    • Setting up React dev-enviorement using Vite
    • Code a working React application, installing and importing packages/modules
    • Deploying a React-application at a hosting-provider (AWS) using own (sub)domain name
  • Development
    • Git and GitHub version control for collaboration ease, code review, pull request and more
    • Basic Python coding, use of python packages f.eg. ‘panda’ & ‘matplotlib’
    • Use Jupiter Notebooks for interactive Python code execution, instead of full file execution
    • Using AI while coding to improve efficiency and minimize errors, f.eg. GitHub CoPilot or Black formatter
    • Working with different and/or isolated environments for each project, as they may differentiate due to (in)compatibility


  • To be announced …