Since I launched my site powered by WordPress, I’ve been experiencing high CPU usage with both Apache and nginx, which kind of bothered me. It’s a small personal site, so it should not require that much even on modest hardware.

The server is a AWS EC2 instance of type t3.micro which is in their free tier, and have the limited resources of 2vCPUs and 1GiB of Memory. I looked into other options and tried to give OpenSpeedLite a go.

This resulted in almost no CPU usage on the site and no bottlenecks, which exhausted the site. 🎉

Worth to mention is also that “OSL” comes with a handy webadmin console, where you can track traffic/requests, Anti-DDoS connection, bandwidth throttling, rate-limiting, and fiddle around with a bunch of settings while also maintaining all your Listeners and VirtualHosts directly from their webpanel.

See all of their promoted features here: